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Are you ready to sell some Real Estate in El Paso? We can help.

By Pepe Royo,

Do you live in El Paso or out of town and you have Real Estate that you would like to sell? We are here to help.

At PPR Real Estate have developed a thorough customer approach when it comes to the pricing, the marketing and the sale of your property. During the whole process, we make sure that we cover your most important priorities as a seller, such as:

  • Market the property to potential buyers – We use several mass communication outlets.
  • Price the property competitively – Overpriced properties take deeper discounts at the end.
  • Sell the property within a specific timeframe – Time is of essence.
  • Find a buyer for the property – Our mission.
  • Help fix the proper to sell better – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

No matter what type of property you are selling, we can help you add value during the sales process, our staff is knowledgeable and certified in all the major types of Real Estate product type that are typically available in the region.

At PPR Real Estate we provide Real Estate Boutique services for the following product types:

Commercial – PPR Real Estate Investment Services and PPR Commercial Division

  • Sale of shopping centers – When it’s time to cash out.
  • Leasing of retail space – Do you have some vacancies in your strip mall?
  • Sale of office space – Are you planning on retiring and selling your office?
  • Leasing of office space – Do you have some extra space that could bring in some revenue?
  • Sale of industrial and flex space – You need to grow and you need to sell in order to buy?
  • Sale of commercial and industrial land – Did you decide not to build? Is it that time to sell?
  • Commercial real estate consulting regarding the sale or purchase of Real Estate – Do you need another opinion?

Residential – Casa Royo

  • Sale of your home – Your nest egg.
  • Sale of  Duplex, Condominiums and Apartment complexes – Your El Paso investments.
  • Sale of single family investment properties – Your kids tuition or your retirement project.
  • Sale of residential luxury or entry level track lots –  For that dream house you always wanted.
  • Lease of primary or investment home – We help you rent it and you manage it.

At PPR Real Estate we offer customized, attentive and value added support for whichever project you have in mind when it comes to Real Estate. We are Bilingual and Multicultural and in complete sync with the Border dynamics.

So the next time you are thinking of selling one of your real estate properties, please give us a call, we would love to serve you and your loved ones.




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Selling your home – Our main objective

By Pepe Royo,

At Casa Royo we have developed a thorough customer approach when it comes to the pricing, the marketing and the sale of your house. During the whole process, we make sure that we cover your most important priorities such as:
  • Market the home to potential buyers– We use several mass communication outlets so your house is visible to both agents and consumers. Some examples include: Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters, Syndication to major real estate outlets such as Zillow, Trulia and to name a few.
  • Price the home competitively– Overpriced homes take longer to sell and usually at a deeper discount than what it could have brought from the onset had it been priced right.
  • Sell the home within a specific timeframe– Time is of essence, and with this in mind we have fast turnaround times to help you prepare your house to market. Our local market knowledge and pricing strategies have allowed us to set realistic expectations on the timeframes desired to sell a home with a certain period of time.
  • Find a buyer for the home– This our mission, to find a qualified buyer that not only will pay top dollar for your house but to ensure the process runs smoothly and the transaction reaches the closing table. A great percentage of transactions do not make it that far.
  • Help fix the home to sell better– “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Having sold many homes and having been to that Rodeo countless of times, allows us to see much in advance what will be the typical buyers concerns or sticking points during a negotiation. We have several recommendations on how to be preemptive and anticipate such bumps on the road.



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Does a husband have rights in the property his wife bought before they got married?

By Pepe Royo,

Does a husband have rights in the property his wife bought before they got married?

by Texas Association of REALTORS®
My potential clients are a married couple. The wife owned the home before the husband moved in, and he was never formally named as an owner. What rights in the property does he have?

Texas is a community-property state. Many times, one spouse will own the home before marriage as his or her separate property. After marriage, if the parties live in the home together, then notwithstanding the separate property character of the home, the non-owner spouse acquires certain homestead rights.

Vist Texas Realtors for more information….

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The right way to handle multiple offers / La manera correcta de manejar multiples ofertas

By Pepe Royo,

The right way to handle multiple offers

Comentario PPR….

Muchas veces en la transacción de compra y venta de bienes raíces se presenta una situación de competencia cuando entran multiples ofertas y por lo mismo esta es una etapa del proceso donde hay que estar muy atento tanto el comprador como el vendedor. En el caso del vendedor  se presenta una oportunidad para poner a los compradores en competencia y así lograr un mejor precio para su propiedad.

Este proceso de multiples ofertas se tiene que manejar de manera muy transparente sin beneficiar a ninguna de las partes, o de lo contrario se pueden presentar problemas relacionados con las leyes de “agencia” para el agente que representa al vendedor.

Como menciona el articulo, es importante para el agente de venta (representante del propietario) ponerse de acuerdo desde un principio con el propietario (vendedor) para tener un plan de acción en el supuesto de que se presenten multiples ofertas en cualquier momento dado. Las opciones son: 1) Se le notifica a todos los agentes de compra (representante del comprador) que hay multiples ofertas ó 2) No se les notifica al respecto y se lleva la negociación por separado sin decirle a ninguno de los agentes de los compradores que estan en competencia. Esta ya es una decisión del vendedor (Propietario de la casa), pero en ningún momento se debe de favorecer al avisarle a uno de los otros agentes de compra que estan en competencia ya que hay consecuencia disciplinarias por parte de la comisión de bienes raíces del estado así como de la mesa directiva de bienes raíces de esa entidad. La transparencia es lo mejor.

En caso de que se llegue a presentar una opción de ofertas multiples, el vendedor tiene las siguientes opciones, incluyendo:

  • Aceptar una oferta e ignorar las demás.
  • Rechazar todas las ofertas (asumiendo que no le guste ninguna).
  • Rechazar una de las ofertas y hacerle una contra oferta a ese mismo comprador.
  • Enviar una “invitación del vendedor al comprador para que meta una nueva oferta” a cada uno de los compradores.

Para los compradores y su agente que lo representa esta es una etapa muy delicada ya que en ningún momento sabrán el monto de las ofertas que han hecho los otros compradores (las leyes de agencia lo prohiben) y es por eso que siempre tiene que estar consciente de que la casa esta en competencia y tiene que caer en cuenta que ya no tiene el completo control de la negociación ya que entraron otras personas al juego. Aquí tiene que poner su mejor oferta en la mesa con el conocimiento de que la casa no la tiene segura ya que no tiene acceso a las condiciones de las otras ofertas.

Suena injusto el proceso para el que verdaderamente quiere la casa? si, pero gracias a estas leyes de agencia, los compradores que estan dispuestos a luchar por una propiedad y que saben cual es el verdadero valor de la misma, pueden tener una oportunidad transparente de competir por una propiedad (cuando hay competencia) sin chanchuyos… Así que la pregunta que hay que hacerse es, Que tanto quiero esta casa? Estoy dispuesto a pagar mas y así poder quedarme con ella?


The right way to handle multiple offers

Posted on October 19, 2012 by Texas Association of REALTORS®

When is the right time for you to discuss handling multiple offers with your seller? Before you receive the offers. Decide ahead of time if you and your client will tell allother agents or no other agents there are multiple offers—you can’t tell some other agents.

If a multiple-offer situation presents itself, the seller will then have several choices, including:

  • Accept one offer and ignore the others
  • Reject all offers
  • Reject one offer and make a counteroffer to that buyer
  • Send Seller’s Invitation to Buyer to Submit New Offer to each buyer.

Read more about this topic in “How to juggle multiple offers,” from the September/October issue of Texas REALTOR® magazine.

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Can a seller take an appliance that was supposed to convey?

By Pepe Royo,

Can a seller take an appliance that was supposed to convey?

Posted on September 19, 2012 by Texas Association of REALTORS®

I listed a home for sale, and the seller authorized me to advertise the property in the MLS with the refrigerator conveying as part of any sale. After considerable negotiations, the property was sold. There was nothing noted in the contract about the refrigerator, and the seller took the refrigerator with him when he moved. The seller contends that since he had to reduce his asking price and the refrigerator was not included in the contract, he was entitled to keep the refrigerator. The buyer is upset and threatening suit. Is the seller obligated to let the buyer have the refrigerator?

Read more:

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