State of the Market 2020 – Residential Real Estate

By peperoyo,

Hello all,

I hope you are starting to enjoy the holiday season in good health and with loved ones.

Every year around this time, I get an inside scoop of some Real Estate predictions for next year from Brian Buffini – One of my favorite Real Estate mentors.



Please see main takeaways below as well as the full report attached if this catches your interest.

All in all, we will still see a Seller´s market that is driven by low inventories and super low mortgage rates.

As for buyers, COVID has exposed some the potential downsides of having a small cozy house. They are on the move to bigger and better.

BBRealEstateReport_US_2021_Lite sell


BBRealEstateReport_US_2021_Lite buy


If you want to Sell or upgrade, now is the time.

I am here to help


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