Selling your home – Our main objective

By Pepe Royo,

At Casa Royo we have developed a thorough customer approach when it comes to the pricing, the marketing and the sale of your house. During the whole process, we make sure that we cover your most important priorities such as:
  • Market the home to potential buyers– We use several mass communication outlets so your house is visible to both agents and consumers. Some examples include: Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters, Syndication to major real estate outlets such as Zillow, Trulia and to name a few.
  • Price the home competitively– Overpriced homes take longer to sell and usually at a deeper discount than what it could have brought from the onset had it been priced right.
  • Sell the home within a specific timeframe– Time is of essence, and with this in mind we have fast turnaround times to help you prepare your house to market. Our local market knowledge and pricing strategies have allowed us to set realistic expectations on the timeframes desired to sell a home with a certain period of time.
  • Find a buyer for the home– This our mission, to find a qualified buyer that not only will pay top dollar for your house but to ensure the process runs smoothly and the transaction reaches the closing table. A great percentage of transactions do not make it that far.
  • Help fix the home to sell better– “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Having sold many homes and having been to that Rodeo countless of times, allows us to see much in advance what will be the typical buyers concerns or sticking points during a negotiation. We have several recommendations on how to be preemptive and anticipate such bumps on the road.