Should I keep my investment house and just keep renting it? Or sell it?

By Pepe Royo,

If you have a fork in the road, take it!

The same applies for Real Estate, but preferably having more information on the possible outcomes of each of the possible roads in the fork.

There are many factors that will play in your decision of holding, selling or trading your investment properties. In each case you have to look at your current situation and assess which one gives you the best outcome.

Some of the most important drivers for such a decision are:

  • Is the market growing faster? Is the market stagnant?
  • Have you realized sufficient return on your investment based on previous cash-flows?
  • Has your house appreciated substantially and you have created considerable equity?
  • Do you have a tenant? For how long? Is the property easy to lease?
  • Is it a sellers market? Is it a buyers market?
  • How well did you purchase the property? Did you make money coming in? Did you get taken to a dance by your previous broker or BFF?
  • Are you going to clear enough funds to pay all parties at the closing table?
  • Do you have a better investment product waiting for you when you sell your property?
  • No matter what happens, will your annual returns be dismal or non existing?

These and many more factors will impact your decision when taken into context and analyzed carefully.

Before thinking of selling or trading your property, feel free to call us to review your current situation as well as your long term investment plans; maybe its not the right time to sell or perhaps, its time to cash the chips and get out of Dodge and never look back as there might be a lynch mob on your trail.

Whatever it is, please lets us be of service and allow us to add value to your investment decisions.